Each nation is willing to ask young men and women to protect the borders. The Indian military is built on the same goal: protecting borders. With the largest standing voluntary military in the world, the Indian government does have in place various programs to care for its military. Those who join, do so, as a part of civic duty, honor or sometimes, as a means of earning a living. When income is disrupted, when the career track does not go according to plan, what happens to their livelihood and their lives? 


Some government funds have been allocated in the form of pensions for veterans or to provide for their surviving beneficiaries. But often the need for military veterans is truly understood only by those who have walked a mile in those shoes. No one else can truly understand how we feel. At GIVE, we raise funds to support veterans because the government cannot do it all. We are primarily a fundraising organization. Our goal is to raise funds that pay for these things, which will help to bring a small measure of restitution to ourselves. GIVE’s collective network of ex-military, located around the world, help to raise money for the financial support of direct service providers.


Why support GIVE? Why join us?
Hold hands with us, shoulder to shoulder, because together, our network is able to maximize the collective impact: Together, our ability to build awareness for the needs of ex-military is exponential. Together, our capacity to impact the lives of our fellow service members is stronger. Together, we hold the power to help each other, live with improved physical and mental wellness.

Chief Patron General Vijay Kumar Singh

History of GIVE:

In early 2016, a group of like-minded veterans of the Indian Armed Forces settled in North America, decided to give back to fellow veterans in their own humble way. They formed Patriots in North America (PINA) and collected funds for a charity to assist veterans in India. Subsequently, they changed the name of the entity to 'Global Initiative of Veterans', GIVE2016 to give better visibility. They organized fundraising events and donated wheelchairs to the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center in India. Donations to GIVE is exempted for tax benefits in the United States of America. To avail the same benefits in India, GIVE collaborated with EduDharma.com, a crowd funding platform. For more about GIVE click here.

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